The Ultimate Guide to the Cost of Divi

Most people search for most details and information from different websites and internet platforms in the ever-evolving world. Due to the increase in website users, there is a spike in individuals developing websites for various uses, for personal or business needs. Divi WordPress is a common name when individuals develop websites and are one of the most prominent themes and content management systems that provides the designers with the best layout. However, most designers have been asking how much does Divi cost? This article outlines everything you need to know about Divi and its cost.


It’s the most popular WordPress theme that designers use on their different websites. The Elegant themes system develops, supports, and promotes it, thus allowing its steady growth and popularity. Most WordPress theme providers rate the elegant theme as one of the most popular and effective due to its best features and functionality.

Designers first released it in early 2013; since then, there have been numerous versions seeking to improve the functionality and design of the original one. These versions add more value to the theme due to the valuable improvements to enhance the user experience and keep growing its fan base. It’s one of the most easy-to-use WordPress themes, as it comes with a powerful drop page and visual drag builders.

These features make it easy for any beginner as you don’t need to learn coding to use it while developing your websites. In addition, it comes with an intuitive editor and front that provides a powerful and fast website performance. Divi also offers the best alternative for your website’s mobile visitors as it has one of WordPress’s best social media sharing plug-ins working alongside the normal theme.


When seeking to develop websites, most small to medium webs designers and web design freelancers find it challenging to choose whether to purchase these plug-ins. This subscription involves various design tools like image libraries, Adobe, or other email solutions. Most purchases or subscriptions involve small amounts of purchases or subscriptions that they pay either annually or lifetime.

Whether you pay the fees annually or lifetimes, most designers have found it challenging to get the proper response whether it’s worth it to buy the Divi theme. Yes, it’s worth buying it; the following are the reasons why it’s worth buying the theme.

1. Increases productivity

Whether you choose an annual or lifetime subscription, Divi is a business tool that any web designer should have as it makes life hard to beat. When using it for your website, Divi comes with numerous productivity benefits. Experts attribute this productivity to the sophisticated and extensive features they come with. WordPress designers have designed each version to make it easy to produce websites that are elegant and productive.

2. Has massive libraries of free modules and page layouts

When having this theme for your website, you’re sure of having an extensive library of freebies in the archives. After purchasing your themes, the designers regularly add more layouts to the extensive library of either the free-built or pre-designed pages. In addition, the additional layout to the extensive library comes with copyright-free images, which the web designers can use without paying any royalties. Importantly, you can easily customize these freebies by changing the fonts, colors and adding different images or copies to suit your website needs and preferences.

3. Friendly to beginners

Divi offers the appropriate option when looking for the best WordPress theme to purchase as you begin your website designing. It’s friendly to newbie web designers, as it offers the features suitable for launching your web design career. It offers some incredible free tutorials, videos, and Facebook communities where beginners can learn or get the appropriate direction to the best way to approach their website.

4. Proper support system

When dealing with your website, you may experience certain issues and need support from the support system. Alternatively, you may need some direction from the designers or support system on various things. Divi themes provide the best alternative for these issues, as it comes with the best support system. The support system provides updated and free training materials on the sites and provides quick assistance in case of any inquiry, thus purchasing the theme is worth your money.


When seeking to get the appropriate response to the question, how much does Divi cost? It’s imperative to understand that the subscription of this theme may come in two phases. You can have an annual fee of $89 for the theme, the extra features, and plug-ins. With this annual fee, you can easily access all the themes, plug-ins, premium support, and unlimited website usage. In addition, after paying the annual fee, you can quickly get a Risk-Free guarantee and theme updates.

Apart from the annual fee, the theme also offers another cost-effective subscription package to its users. The alternative is having a lifetime subscription, which comes at a fee of $249. When choosing a lifetime subscription, you pay for it once. After which, you have unlimited access to various features such as risk-free guarantee, themes updates, unlimited website usage, and many others for a lifetime.

When choosing the appropriate fee for your website, most web designers are usually worried or have doubts about the $ 249-lifetime fee. However, you shouldn’t be worried when selecting this fee; the theme provides guaranteed money back. The lifetime subscription offers the best option for web designers looking to start or maintain their web design business. This tool offers more productivity and value for your cash without having to pay again.


If you’re looking for success in your web designing business or a personal website, choosing an appropriate WordPress is vital. Divi theme offers the best option for all your needs, as it comes with updated and sophisticated features, making it easy and cheap to develop your website. The theme comes at a slightly cheaper cost, where you can pay an annual fee of $89 to enjoy all the unlimited features for the year.

Alternatively, you can choose a $ 249-lifetime subscription and access all the features without paying any more. It’s one of the best WordPress themes for web designers as it offers numerous features and value for your money.