Groovefunnels vs. Clickfunnels 2021: Which Is Best For Your Biz?

The process of building a sales funnel is very tedious and consuming. Many people prefer having tools that can automate the process and make the sales funnel much easier to create.

As a marketer, you will first conduct a bit of research on the available tools that can take care of the entire process of building a sales funnel. After the research, you will find two processes to be quite promising; Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels. So, what will guide your decision when it comes to choosing between the two?

What are some of the factors that you should keep in mind when selecting a marketing tool? This article attempts to delve into the intricate details of both tools to have more detailed information when you make your decision.

Table of Contents

  1. Outstanding Features of Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels
  2. Sales Funnel Templates
  3. Video Hosting
  4. Website Creator
  5. Affiliate Program
  6. Membership Area
  7. Sales and Checkout
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Community and Customer Support
  10. Ease of Use
  11. Pricing
  12. Conclusion

Outstanding Features of Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels

Let us now look at the key features that are in these tools. We will also look at the kind of marketers that can benefit from these tools and ideal areas of application.


Boasting a comprehensive collection of tools, this is the newest introduction to the sales funnel industry. It is popular among marketers for its special pricing and the fact that it is web-based. This means that you can easily access all the tools and features via a browser.

This is the ideal sales funnel for anyone who needs to make email marketing streamlined, host videos, and add membership options to their website.

It is also equipped with powerful tools that make building websites and running marketing campaigns a lot easier.

It facilitates the process of selling on the internet by enabling the marketer to create product landing pages and detailed description pages, which are known to increase conversions.

You do not need to have any knowledge of programming or computer code to build modern websites. The Groovefunnels platform eliminates the need for writing code but instead resorts to a collection of templates that you can use to add different features to your website.

There are two access plans to the sales funnel; the lifetime platinum deal and the free plan. The first deal gives new users lifetime access to all Groovefunnels products, including the regular software updates.


Using meticulous templates, Clickfunnels enables marketers to launch their sales funnels through a seamless interface that makes automation more accessible.

With plug-and-play features, content creation is straightforward. As such, it is the ideal solution for all kinds of online businesses and makes creating content, websites, and other landing pages very easy.

The tool is also based on the internet, and marketers will find it quite intuitive in terms of use. All the features are readily available, and the interface is straightforward to understand.

Having looked briefly at each sales funnel, let us now delve into their outstanding features and places where one tool performs better than the other.

Sales Funnel Templates

Both Groovefunnels and Clickfunnels have many ready-made sales funnels. These can be edited and adjusted to meet your particular requirements. Let us now compare what each online marketing tool has to offer in terms of sales funnel templates.


The tool lets you create websites and landing pages for your products and services using well-designed templates. The collection includes over 180 landing page templates as well as more than ten complete website templates.

These will ensure that, as a marketer, you have an easier time creating websites and landing pages for your business.


The most outstanding feature of Clickfunnels is a sales funnel that can enable you to convert internet visitors into paying customers. It provides you with features to create all you need, including a shopping cart, CRM, and a page builder.

These are all easy to use and have a plug-and-play functionality, making getting started with the tools straightforward even for beginners. You do not need any technical experience to take advantage of the drag-and-drop website builders and templates in Clickfunnels.

The process, however, can sometimes get tricky since you will need to create your subdomain to remove the extension to your URL. Apart from that, the rest of the experience is effortless and straightforward for marketers.

Video Hosting

By default, Clickfunnels does not allow for video hosting. For this reason, you will have to upload a video to a different content host service on the internet, such as YouTube, before you can include a video within your sales funnel.

In comparison, Groovefunnels has a video hosting platform known as GrooveVideo, which includes plenty of customization features such as tags and call to action for your videos.

Additionally, you get tons of analytics when you use GrooveVideo, and your sales funnels become more effective this way.

Someone who needs to use the same platform for hosting and embedding their online marketing videos and product descriptions or demonstrations will find Groovefunnels to bring everything together quite nicely.

Website Creator

All marketing platforms must have a drag-and-drop interface for the creation of websites and landing pages. This is a feature that is included in both Groovefunnels and Clickfunnels.


The website editor in Groovefunnels is intuitive and effortless to use. At first, users might feel a little overwhelmed by the tons of options, but these are pretty convenient once you have gotten the hang of them.

The builder contains all the web design elements that you would need for your website. All you have to do to include them in your page is drag and drop the desired elements into the section of the page you would like them to appear.

You can also use custom domains features to add your domain to the website you are creating. As such, getting your website up and running will be a simple and easy process thanks to this facility.


The sales funnel also features a neatly designed website editor that has different elements. One feature that particularly stands out is the visual font picker which lets you choose the text you need for your pages.

The design, however, still lacks some usability features, and honestly, it could be a lot more intuitive than it currently is. Some navigation challenges could be improved, but overall, the tools are still great for website creation.

Affiliate Program

An affiliate program is an attractive feature for online marketers and makes brand exposure a lot easier. By automating the process, marketers can make affiliate marketing part of their sales process to ensure better results and faster brand growth on the internet. This is how Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels compare when it comes to affiliate programs.


With weekly payouts, Groovefunnels has an affiliate program that provides you with a product that can earn up to 40% in recurring payments each month.

There are a lot of powerful affiliate marketing tools that are included with Groovefunnels, and these promote membership for your website. Members that invite other members get t earn a bonus. All the essential information and statistics can easily be tracked through an intuitive dashboard.


If you are an affiliate of Clickfunnels, you get to win big. They are known to pay up to 40% commission on all orders, and depending on your performance, you can easily get upgraded to earn more significant percentages over time.

The affiliate program is an attractive feature of Clickfunnels and has been designed to encourage all users to earn a commission on recurring monthly orders of their powerful marketing product.

Membership Area

Memberships are an option high in demand owing to their high potential and the fact that they offer an opportunity for steady income. For the members, they can quickly receive regular updates about products and services that are provided by a business.

This is quite a useful feature that ensures that the customers interested in your products and services can get timely updates on any new introductions or improvements that your business has made.

For marketers, membership programs enable them to create paid content programs on their website where only members can access specific sections of the website.


The sales funnel provides you with a simple membership process where someone signs up and can access restricted content after making a payment. The setup of the membership program is also simple and allows for different membership plans for varying levels of access to content.


Clickfunnels also offers a membership feature, but it is not as easy to create. Additionally, you do not get a whole host of customization options, and the experience is not as pleasing.

You will have to integrate the registration and payment pages separately; creating a membership program with Clickfunnels is more complicated.

Sales and Checkout

To achieve a higher conversion rate for your website, the sales and checkout processes must be effortless and straightforward. Let us now see how the two marketing tools compare to integrating sales and checkout features to your website.


For all your sales and checkout, GrooveSell has all the features that you need. It is designed to operate on a large scale and can take care of as many transactions as needed.

With the tool, you will be able to create sales pages easily, checkout processes, and a final thank you page using the plethora of available templates. This means that you will make the sale funnel highly converting by providing the best kind of experience for your customers.

The available payment options that you can integrate with the checkout funnel include PayPal and Stripe. These ensure a checkout process that is concise yet effective for getting your business the online sales you need.


Clickfunnels can also be integrated with Stripe and PayPal payment options at the checkout. Additionally, a shopping cart feature is included, making it easy for marketers to create checkout pages according to their specific design.

Including branding information in the checkout process is made possible and a lot easier for the customer to recognize a familiar brand when they are checking out.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still essential for digital marketers and an integral part of the sales funnel process. Through emails, a business can get closer to the customer and convince them about the selling points of their products and services.

Let us see the comparative performance of each sale funnel when it comes to the automation of the email marketing process.


With GrooveMail, you get to automate email marketing for your business. The feature has been heavily developed and has plenty of features that make it easier for you to send emails, follow-ups and add lists for different recipients.

This is all available from a simple, intuitive interface that has robust navigation and can also take care of your autoresponder needs with ease.


For email marketing automation, Clickfunnels has been designed to work with MailChimp and Zapier for seamless emails. With the tool, you can easily:

  • turn your website visitors into email subscribers
  • create emails sequences,
  • build lists
  • create emails from templates

These are all valuable features and functionalities which make email marketing more effective and streamlined for your business. Automation takes a lot of repetitive work out of the equation, thus allowing you to market your online business better.

Community and Customer Support

No matter what product or service you use on the internet, customer support is critical. It ensures that you are not stuck at any state of using the product or service and can get help at any stage of the process.


Groove funnels understand the value of their customers. There will be no equivocation when you require assistance.

There is an application included in Groovefunels known as GrooveDesk, which can get the support you need. This comes with a fast response that is ideal for urgent issues, and you can also get a live chat for more reliable customer support.


High-quality customer service is something that you can expect from this marketing tool. From the beginning to addressing issues you face while using the platform, reaching out through phone and email is easy enough.

There is also detailed documentation for all your usage needs, and this ensures that you know what features you are using and the parameters that you can use with them.

Ease of Use

Both Groovefunnels and Clickfunnels have interfaces and features that do not require any technical know-how to use.

For instance, you can use website builders without coding knowledge, and the intuitive interfaces make sales funnels a joy to build. Both platforms are friendly for the users and are also very easy to use.

They perform almost equally to provide users with readily accessible tools and features for online marketing. Getting yourself familiar with various user interface elements only takes a moment, as the rest is quite simple to follow, thanks to an intuitive design.


We cannot end a comparison of Groovefunnels vs Clickfunnels without a cost analysis of the two platforms. Groovefunnels has two plans at the moment:

  • The free plan comes with GroovePages, GrooveAffiliate, and GrooveSell
  • A Lifetime Platinum Deal gives you access to all Groove products without any limits.

You can also settle for payment in two installments of $999 each and six installments of $597 each.

Clickfunnels has three different pricing plans which provide you with varied access to the various features that it offers:

  • ClickFunnels at $97 a month
  • ClickFunnels Platinum at $297 a month
  • TwoCommaClubX at $2497 a month


Finally, we arrive at the highlight of our comparison. What kind of marketers should choose either sale funnel? Both platforms are good enough with plenty of similarities and differences. We would not claim any to be better than the other as the market’s needs and requirements usually differ.

Some features are better on one platform than the other, but the availability of the features determines what platform you choose for your marketing. So, your choice of the sales funnel will depend on what features you are looking for in the platform and what you would like to achieve with it.

Groovefunnels is your best choice when you:

  • need lifetime access to an e-commerce platform and intuitive website builder
  • intend to host plenty of video content
  • need an automated calendar to stay on schedule
  • want faster-loading pages
  • are you looking for a blogging platform
  • prefer tickets when you need to raise a query.

Clickfunnels will be ideal for you when you:

  • need a massive library of content for digital marketing
  • prefer calls when you need customer services
  • need fantastic templates for all your marketing needs
  • want an effective sales pipeline.

Both products have their features, strengths, and weaknesses. The kind of goals you are looking to achieve in your marketing plan will determine the type of platform that you choose.

With the detailed information provided in this comparison, you now understand what each platform entails and where you would prefer one over the other.

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