ClickFunnels Review: Is It Worth It?

Clickfunnels is a hosted solution that combines a sales funnel builder and a landing page builder to allow users to create highly customizable landing pages and sales funnels. This application is jam-packed with features and capabilities, including everything you’ll need to supply your services and products, as well as everything you’ll need to market your sale. In this post, we’ll go through the details of this solution so you can see how it fits into any marketing or company operations and whether it’s worth the money.

Is Clickfunnels Worth It?

Yes, ClickFunnels is a comprehensive marketing platform that automates the advertising and sale of your products. It contains almost every tool and integration you’ll ever need. The tool is simple to use if you get past the flashy marketing and relentless upselling, and the sales funnel examples they provide are extremely beneficial for beginners.

Other sales features, integrations, and training tools are available on the platform. You might want to look into other choices if you only need end-to-end sales, e-commerce, and CRM capability. If you’re looking for a tool to create perfect sales funnels then this platform is the way to go.

Who uses ClickFunnels?

Small firms and startups, in general, will benefit the most from it. There are distinctions in funnel types that appeal to different businesses. ClickFunnels is a popular tool for those who want to sell unique products or start their own business. The pre-built funnels are geared toward specific industries: for example, if you’re a florist, the pre-built Daily Deal Funnel would be a fantastic method to promote your business. There will also be good support if you were trying to focus everything around yourself and your brand. The same is true for people who sell material such as courses or books.

Is ClickFunnels Expensive?

Not when you take into account all you’re getting. You can certainly put together a funnel on your own. Perhaps you’ll be successful. Perhaps you won’t. When you consider how easy it is to create and test a new funnel in minutes rather than weeks, you’ll quickly see why it is well worth the investment.

The Clickfunnels Standard Plan and the Platinum Plan are the two price options available. Even their basic package is on the pricey side. It costs $97 per month, while Platinum costs $297 per month. For what it’s worth, you can also test out the service for 14 days for free, so you don’t have to pledge to an expensive package right away. You receive two months free if you pay annually rather than monthly.



  • API integrations are extremely important in this platform. Payment processing and email auto-responders are simple to use and dependable.


  • Generating revenue for the user is one of the best aspects of ClickFunnels. They make it very simple to create an account, upload content, and begin accepting payments.


  • The goal of Clickfunnels is to make money for the user. It’s also quite simple to gather everything in a few hours, post the content, and begin earning.


  • Several features are really handy in this platform. You will be amazed at how you can store layouts for later use and easily replicate pages. The key tool is their page builder, and they’ve done a great job with it. Once you get used to it, you will realize that it is a simple drop-drag builder.


  • If you have a product or a service that you want associates to market on your behalf, ClickFunnel provides a feature called BackPack that you may use. BackPack assists you in setting up your affiliate program system and managing all of your affiliates. Unlike other complicated software, this platform keeps things simple.


  • For practically every major category, this platform’s experienced team has designed high-converting sales funnel templates. As a result, one can always benefit from the team’s hard work. Those templates are designed to increase traffic and conversions so you can get as many leads as possible from your paid ads.



  • Although there is an integrated membership section, it does not allow for personalization. Furthermore, minor customizations are sufficient, but presenting a course or advanced content may necessitate the use of a learning management system.


  • This one is about the community rather than ClickFunnels. While it allows you to modify every aspect of your funnel, many individuals stick to the same basic layouts. Because of the popularity of ClickFunnels, there are a lot of templates floating around. Diversity is essential.


  • In many ways, the company’s customer support is too poor and lags. The majority of customer support agents are unable to comprehend the questions.


  • It will occasionally go down or face certain issues. When this happens, all there is left to do is wait for it to work again. This is pretty inconvenient because you might lose a lot of money if you are advertising or sending visitors your funnel and the page goes down for an hour. It’s also difficult to detect whether your pages are working or not unless you check them frequently or wait for disgruntled clients to complain.

Final Thoughts

ClickFunnels is well worth it if you’re ready to put in the time and effort to learn about advertising, creating brand awareness, generating leads, customer conversion, email marketing, high-converting landing pages, sales funnel automation, and general e-commerce marketing. In a recent poll, Clickfunnel’s received a 4.6-star rating from Trustpilot, based on 1,054 reviews. It proves that this platform is an effective tool for running digital marketing and business. The platform has all of the necessary features for an internet business.

Overall, ClickFunnels achieves its primary goal of making it easier to funnel traffic and increase conversion rates. It isn’t the cheapest platform available, but it is excellent at what it does. If you’re ready to put money into these areas of your business, ClickFunnels is a great option to consider.